I am ignorant – I mean embarrassingly ignorant – of current events. Ask me about something that’s going on in the world and chances are I can’t tell you much. Even things I care deeply about, I don’t tend to follow in the news much. I’m too busy, I don’t like watching the news, I don’t get online very often… I could give all sorts of (mostly untrue) excuses. But the truth is that I just don’t follow current events very closely.

Does this make me ignorant? In many ways, yes. Does it make me a bad adult? Probably. Is it going to change? Probably not. I’ve tried many times over to become, and stay, better informed – I guess I’m just not attentive enough.

There are many people who would look down their noses at me and admonish that I need to get it together. I’m sure there are also many people who would find it ridiculous that an almost thirty-year-old doesn’t know what’s going on in the world.

But here’s the truth:

1. I do know a little about current events, and

2. I know Who wins in the end.

That second point, that’s the bottom line. I know Who wins. I know Who prevails over all of the disasters and struggles and politics and trials.

I know in Whom my hope lies.

So, should I follow the news more closely, become more educated? Of course. That is a continuous goal of mine. But regardless of if I’m ignorant about worldly things, I know the things that are the most important. I know Jesus and I know the gospel. And I will continue to find hope in the fact that Jesus Christ prevails. Because if you don’t have that hope in this messed up and fallen world, what do you have?